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Customs duty:
Duty on imported items (Here is 2020 listing)

Shipping Cost:

0 to 10lbs FLAT FEE - $10
11lbs to 29lbs - $1.60 per pound
30lbs & Higher - $0.95 per pound

(We do Not charge)Dimensional Weight

Processing fee starts at $10.00 (This can increase due to the amount of items being shipped)



Standards Delivery fee starts at $10.00 (This can increase depending on Distance and amount of package/Packages that is being delivered)

Delivery of Pallets and huge items starts at: $25.00

Mobile Service - (Delivery Only) In-Store Pick Up Not Available.

Customs vat:
( item cost, Landed freight cost, Duty, environment Levy, Processing fee) x 12%

Free Consolidation

Pickup Fees:
Fort Lauderdale: $65.00
Miami (Broward): $75.00
Miami (Dade): $85.00
West Palm Beach Pickups: $100.00

Storage Fees:
No Storage Fees
Hazardous Items: $25.00

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